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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cold Cave, Chris Coady in the Studio

This past week Cold Cave was in the studio working on their forthcoming album for Matador Records with Chris Coady producing. Chris had booked the band here to take advantage of the studios vast synth collection. We also recorded guitar, bass, and drums.
A few images below:
Cable Fun
Chris travels with his own rack of outboard gear which can be patched into our producers panel. This allows his gear to be integrated with the studios patch bay. He has some really interesting gear that he likes to use. However; I think its way more fun to show you the image of all the cabling. We actually ran out of mic cables and had to buy more during the session.

Amp Party
I never talk about the guitar and bass amps at the studio. Guitar happens to be my instrument. We have a wonderful vintage Vox AC 30 that was used for all of the guitars. The guitar of choice was a Fender Jazzmaster. For bass we have a a moded late 60's Ampeg B15 that we can use as a DI, but also works nice with a speaker cab. The bass of choice was a vintage P-Bass.

Hi Hat
Chris and I were patching a hi hat sound together. We were using the SH-101, Chris's custom modular synth, and the System 100m. It looks hilariously complicated, but sounded awesome.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Completed Track

On October 5th I posted, "New Track WIP." That day sounclound was down and I wasn't able to upload it. Since then I have finished the track. For more information about the track, check that post here.
Jupiter's Many Moons by Today@Plantain

Modular Fun- New Track WIP

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Track WIP

I'm working on one of my own tracks and incorporating some synths that I haven't used much before. Everything was recorded at the studio. No plug-ins or soft synths were used. Ok. there was one soft synth. Unfortunately, we don't have a mellotron. So I used the Mtron plug-in for the choir sound.
The live drums were played by my good friend Guy Licata. I pushed the drum compression a little harder than I normally would because I just bought a Fatso Jr. I really like the toughness that it added to the drums. There will be vocals on this track soon. For now, I played guitar for the vocal melody.

Drums- Live
Bass- Super Jupiter (gotta love that dual layer mode!)
Arpeggio- Juno 60
5th synth lead- Yamaha CS60 (gotta love that ribbon controller for pitch!)
Freak out synth solo- TOP SECRET
Bridge pads- Sid Station

Super Jupiter


Well, it appears Soundcloud is down on the one day I try update the blog. Check back in the coming days for the track.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Simmons Fills

We had The Golden Pony in the studio this weekend. Michael Bell from the band Lymbic System was recording live drums. We set up the Simmons pads for him to go nuts on. We'll edit later. We had a lot of fun and it sounded awesome.