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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We are very happy to have The Golden Pony in the studio. We are working on an EP here at Plantain. So far we have finished 2 songs. Below is a final mix of a song called "Girlfriend." We recorded, drums, bass, percussion and some of the synths. Enjoy! Here is their myspace page so you can be fan.
Girlfriend by The Golden Pony by Today@Plantain

Thursday, July 8, 2010

NEW TIPPY TOES MIX- system 100 synth bass

I know I used the picture before. On top of the clav is a Roland System 100 modular. This was used for the bass in the track below. The System 100 is similar to a SH-101 but a bit classier. Maybe its the wood sides? Obviously you can get a bit crazier with the sounds on the modular, but I was looking for a simple, slightly filtered saw wave for this track.

Onto the mix. Once again no plug-ins were used. Everything except for the vocal was recorded at the studio. The vocal was recorded by the bass player in Tippy Toes, Andrew Raposo, at his Midnight Sun Studios. I love the drum sound on this one and will continue recording drums this way for a while. There drums were preformed by Guy Licata. Also of note is the violin, recorded with an old sure ribbon mic.
Take a listen:
Love Mix 7-7 by Today@Plantain


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