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Friday, June 25, 2010


One of the best ways for artists to get the most out of there studio time here at Plantain is already have a song demo. Here we have 2 tracks. The first track was created at my home studio using Logic and was done "in the box" with plug-ins. The second track is what happened when I brought the files into Plantain and replaced most of the synths with real ones and tracked live drums. Once again no plug-ins were used. There are so many synths here at the studio. There is something for just about every sound you can think of.
A particular MVP synth for this song is the Elektron Sidstation.
This is a synth that uses the sound chip from a Commodor 64 computer. It has that wonderful 8-bit digital thing going on. It was used on the bass, one of the pads, and for the outro solo. It has a wonderful grimy and somewhat unpredictable quality to it.

Here is the track from the home studio.
Hologram (Logic) by Today@Plantain

Here is what happens to a track at Plantain.
Hologram Plantain Mix by Today@Plantain

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Among the many keyboards and synths here at Plantain, none are more attractive than the Moog White Elephant. When looking at the White Elephant and the disco ball here at the studio, one thing came to mind- time to make a house track. There are no plug ins and software synths in this track. Everything is performed, except for the drums which is an original Roland 909 sequenced through Logic.

Instruments used:
Moog White Elephant (first thing you'll here in the track)
Roland 909
Synare (Through a Roland-201)
Electric Bass
Guitar (through a fuzz and Bi-Phase)
Yamham CS60 (String pad in the 2nd half of the track)
Vocal Sample through and Electrix Filter Factory
Enjoy the track!
Baby I Know by Today@Plantain

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Here we used the EML-101 semi modular synth for the bass. It beats the SH-101 which you can compare with on the previous elevator shaft post. It's older and weirder. You'll here in the track that we also used the Wurly and Clav pictured below. The Wurly and Clav at the studio are some of the best I've played as far as condition and sound. We ran them through a Mu-Tron Bi-Phase to make it super 70's.
Don't mind that Roland System 100 Modular sitting on top of the clav. I think we will use that on the next track.
Take a listen:
Elevator Shaft Instrumental by Today@Plantain

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Elevator Shaft by Today@Plantain
Gunnar and I decided to record some drums. We usually track drums through these Universal Audio 610 tube preamps pictured below. Gunnar played the drums. There happens to be a 5 story elevator shaft the we have access on the other side of the drum room- so we set up a mic there. Then we recorded some SH-101 bass after tooling around on a vintage EML electrocomp modular synth and not getting it to work properly (next time Gunnar). This track is incomplete and is a work in progress. Check back for an update.


It's a Lie by Today@Plantain
Mixed at Plantain by Abe Seiferth at Plantain Studios. This song features Reggie Watts on Vocal. The image is of the 40 channel Oram board with custom master section done by Purple Audio.

Gunnar Bjerk

Gunnar Bjerk, who was the assistant engineer for "This is Happening" produced/mixed/enginnered this track at Plantain Studios.